Tropically inspired, holistically driven.

Pineapple Express is a clean skin care brand harnessing the transformative power of CBD. Rooted in the belief of alternative healing methods, we craft skin care solutions that promote wellness and reflect our dedication to holistic well-being. Proven safe to consumers and highly effective, Pineapple Express commits itself to delivering high-quality, organically derived, internationally compliant products. With more skin care formulations launching in 2024, the public can anticipate a line of superbly developed formulas targeting dry skin, autoimmune disorders and joint/muscle soreness. The brand’s sole focus is to generate products that work with the body and most importantly, keep people feeling healthy and at ease. Our mission is to offer products that embrace the goodness of nature and pave the way for a more gentle approach to health and beauty.

Kim holding the Pineapple Express Body Butter
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